General Motors strike negotiations continue with no end in sight on day 4

Negotiations between the United Auto Workers and General Motors were continuing Thursday after some progress had been made.
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DETROIT (WJRT) (9/19/2019) - As day four of the United Auto Workers strike at General Motors facilities nationwide wears on, an update from the union doesn't leave much optimism of an imminent deal.

A letter sent to union members released Thursday afternoon says some progress has been made, but there are many issues that remain unresolved.

UAW Vice President Terry Dittes, who is director of the union's General Motors department, said subcommittees are working feverishly to reach a deal and both sides continue meeting at the main table.

The UAW says it will continue negotiations with GM into the weekend and beyond if a tentative agreement is not reached.

About 49,000 UAW members went on strike at midnight Monday, closing about 55 GM factories and parts warehouses nationwide. Striking employees are seeking better pay, benefits, job security and a path to full seniority for temporary workers.

Dittes' letter thanks union members for their loyalty and points out their hard work and craftsmanship helped GM become the most profitable automaker in the United States.

Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar spent time at the picket line in Detroit at GM's Hamtramck Assembly plant on Thursday. The stop was part of her Blue Wall Tour through Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Klobuchar says UAW members should not be treated like this.

"There has to be more balance in our economy so everyone will share in the prosperity," she said.