Genesee County Fair underway now through Sunday

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MT. MORRIS (WJRT) (08/19/19) -- The 170th Genesee County Fair is now underway. Fair goers can expect lots of different attractions including daily eating contests, rodeos, carnival rides, fair food and even a live shark encounter!

There is literally something for everyone.

"We have farm animals throughout the south end of the facility. Lots of fun things to see, great food for everyone and rides," said Executive Director Chris Miller.

Miller is no stranger to the Genesee County Fair. He's been in charge for 23 years.

"A lot of what we do is based on survey reporting we do every year. We do a lot of surveying and research and we make our decisions based on that," Miller said.

Miller says bringing different attractions to each year's fair not only keeps things lively, it also brings families out as a whole.

"It's kind of the one place where the county kind of comes together and it provides that social interaction, that personal interaction that people don't get when they're sitting at home."

That's exactly what Bob and Susan Hockenberger do every year this time.

"It's always a joy to come out to the Genesee County Fair and see the animals and just kind of walk around and spend some time together."

The Genesee County fair is already underway this week. It runs through Sunday.

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