Genesee County hires new IT director with plans to spend $1.5 million

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (5/21/2019) - The Genesee County computer system was hacked April 2nd. At the time, the Board of Commissioners said they were already working with the Oakland County IT team on a new project.

When the data was put on lock, the Commissioners said Oakland County's IT Manager Carl Wilson stepped up.

"About making sure it was safe before we put something back online, especially to make sure all of our information was protected and the residents information was protected," Commissioner Ted Henry said.

Commissioner Martin Cousineau added, "His management skills just took right over and he just started pointing out you do this, you do that and everything just fell in line. And, it was really a lot to do with his direction that we're able to solve that problem as quick as what we're able to."

The Board said by the end of the month everything was back up and running again. No data or information was compromised.

"And he was a little hesitant at first to put in his application," Cousineau explained. "But, then he did and we had talks with Oakland County in the background, they knew that was happening."

The Commissioners approved his contract Tuesday.

Wilson's start date isn't set; but the Board said he'll have plenty to do once he arrives, starting with that new project -- restructuring his new department.

"We've kind of been lackadaisical about how to direct different employees in their job descriptions and in the capacity work and how much time it takes," Henry said. "You know, it's just an overall knowledge of the IT department. And, we've had a shortfall in that for quite awhile."

Henry expects the project to cost $1.5 million dollars, as all new technology and equipment is needed.

"I mean we've got money to do it, but it will be addressed in next year's budget. So, we're going to start working on next year's budget immediately," he explained.

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