Genesee County road crews prepare for first accumulating snow

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (12/8/17) - The first accumulating snow of the season is here.

That has Mid-Michigan cities and county road crews gearing up for what could be some slippery travel to start our weekend.

Many Mid-Michigan motorists have yet to travel on snow-covered roads, especially in the southern parts of the region. That's about to change.

"What I think we're going to see is fairly dry snow," said John Daly from the Genesee County Road Commission.

Dry snow means slick travel, as this time what falls will stick thanks to our polar plunge of mid-winter-like cold air.

"What we'll do is we'll have foreman out initially, scouting the area to see what the type of snowfall is, and then we'll be constant," Daly said. "We'll put some, the areas that we'll be concentrating on will be intersections, bridge decks, all these areas that are up in the air and above ground, exit and entrance ramps."

Plowing won't be as big a concern, compared to monitoring conditions throughout the day. But the county says pavement temperature is critical in determining what type of salt and chemicals will work best.

"We're looking at a temperature range where calcium chloride is effective between about 20 degrees, plus 20 degrees Fahrenheit up to about plus 35," Daly said.

Genesee County salt trucks have a special probe that senses road temperature.

"We have the ability to have variation in the amount of salt that's being put out to meet the actual conditions, temperature of the pavement," Daly said.

Drivers are urged to be careful and give yourself a little extra time as roads will be very slippery on into Saturday morning.

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