Genesee Valley Center donated over $2,000 from fountains

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (05/09/17) - It's not usually people you find in the fountain at the Genesee Valley Mall - it's usually money - but now, all that money has been collected out and is being donated to a good cause.

It's a question you've probably been asking for years, 'Where does all the money in the fountain go?'

"Annually, we clean out all the fountains and we donate all the money," said Cindy Frohriep, with Genesee Valley Center.

This year, $2,066.89 was pulled from the three fountains in Genesee Valley Center to be donated to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

"Well, the money comes from the community, so we want to give the money back to the community," Frohriep said. "Every year, we try to target a different group that will benefit from the money, and this year, it's the food bank."

While they may be small, all of these little coins added together filled six 5 gallon buckets to be donated.

"When it amounts to a dollar, and we're able to buy six meals with that, I don't think people realize that our buying power is that huge," said Allison Huber, with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. "We were about to get over 12,000 meals though that competition."

So, while it may just seem like a fun activity for children to do at the mall, this goes to show, never underestimate the power of a penny.

In another year, they'll go through and remove it again, giving it all to another worthy cause.

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