Giant sinkhole closes Genesee County road, causing problems for neighborhood

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Mundy Twp (WJRT) - (05/06/2019) - A massive sink hole is causing a huge problem for a Genesee County neighborhood.

Nearly half the road near Linden and Ray Roads is gone and the road is now closed causing issues for neighbors in the area.

People in the area are wondering how long they are going to have to deal with this.

Todd Cunningham said the problem has been going on for over a year and continues to grow bigger and bigger.

He just wants to know why nothing has been done yet and is worried about the potential dangers.

"Late last summer just before the dream cruise I reported a hole in the road about the size of a construction barrel,” said Cunningham

But for Cunningham and his Mundy Township neighbors the issue didn't go away.

"They put a construction barrel in the hole and over the winter the barrel fell all the way in the bottom of the hole," said Cunningham.

Winter soon drifted away taking most of the road with it. And Cunningham has been searching for a solution.

"I've contacted twice a week for the last month through there report an issue with the road and I have not heard a single word from anybody,” said Cunningham. “I've seen one county truck, a pick-up truck and then it just disappears.”

Ray Road has been closed since mid-April according to the Mundy Township's webpage.

But the road blocks haven't been stopping people, and Cunningham is worried about the problems with safety it could cause.

"I'm hoping they fix the hole in the road so it's safe for other people,” said Cunningham. “People have moved the construction barrels and drove across it all weekend long."

He and his family's route now takes twice as long to get back to the paved road. And the increased traffic is making the other way just as bad.

"It's just a muddy mess,” said Cunningham. “They need to put gravel in it and make this road passable for everybody in the area. We pay taxes, for what?”

The Genesee County Rd Commission told ABC 12 the calvert collapsed and the plan is to replace it this summer but the project is still in the planning stages.

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