Gov. Whitmer: It's OK to be upset about coronavirus restrictions

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 11:54 PM EDT
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(4/13/2020) - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer acknowledged people are naturally frustrated with coronavirus restrictions, but she asked them to display that in healthy ways.

"It's OK to be frustrated. It's OK to be angry. If it makes you feel better to direct it at me, that's OK too," she said. "I've got thick skin and I'm always going to defend your right to free speech."

Whitmer has extended Michigan's stay home order to April 30 while also adding restrictions on commercial and personal activities, leading to some frustration.

"It feels more like release Michigan or free Michigan or save Michigan," said Meshawn Maddock of the Michigan Conservative Coalition.

That frustration at the extended order has led members of the Michigan Conservative Coalition to organize a drive-by protest at the State Capitol.

"I just ask that those who are protesting these orders do so in a safe manner so that you don't get sick and you don't subject our first responders to risk, either. Or prey on other people's anxieties," said Whitmer.

The restrictions on traveling have tightened. Whitmer said the reason is because some rural northern parts of Michigan don't have enough resources if an outbreak were to happen.

"They don't have the hospital systems that are able to treat an outbreak if a lot of people head north and people start to get sick," she said.

Whitmer said the restrictions aren't about individuals, but are designed to protect everyone in our state. Residents may be sad about what they can't do, but she pointed out that a Flint mother can no longer hug her husband and only son who died of COVID-19.

"Some of us are grieving the loss of our freedom. Some are grieving the loss of their loved ones," said Whitmer. "There was a story in the newspaper this weekend about a woman named Sandy Brown, who in just three days lost her husband and her son. She wasn't even allowed to get out of the car to go to the funeral."

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