Gov. Whitmer orders water reconnections during pandemic

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been unwittingly exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, with contamination in several cities consistently higher than they ever were in Flint, Michigan. (Source: Pixabay)
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LANSING (WJRT) - (3/29/20) - Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a new order prohibiting water shutoffs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Details of Whitmer’s executive order were released Saturday.

It required the reconnection of services at Michigan homes where the water had been shut off.

The governor said a $2 million Water Restart Grant Program would help communities comply with the order.

The state said it required public water suppliers to immediately identify residences that did not currently have water service.

It also said water must be restored in homes where service was disconnected because of non-payment or damaged infrastructure.

Whitmer said the order did not forgive balances.

The order was effective for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.