Governor Whitmer calls out GOP for not sticking around for budget talk

LANSING(WJRT)- (06/25/19) -"People deserve better, the public is getting frustrated and obviously I'm tired of phony conversations," said Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Frustration. A lack of movement.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer voicing her dissatisfaction with getting a state budget in order for 2020.

She held a media round-table Tuesday - talking about where negotiations stand.

In a nutshell - she says more must be done.

"Everyone knows the state of our roads is about a 2.5 billion dollar problems. Everyone knows that is a downright dangerous and getting worse by the day," Whitmer said.

Infrastructure--- one of the key issues Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants to address in the 2020 fiscal year budget for the state of Michigan.

But Negotiations between Whitmer and Republicans appear to have stalled-- as the members of the GOP hit the road for a summer recess.

"We've missed a lot of important timelines and opportunities to get it done," Whitmer said.

The Governor's $59 billion dollar budget-- introduced 112 days ago-- includes .45 cent a gallon fuel tax increase-- which she says would generate the $2.5 billion needed to fix Michigan's roads.

The budget also calls for $507 million in spending for education.

The House and Republicans have passed different budget plans, but Whitmer dismissed them.

"We haven't seen any real alternative put forth by either by the House or the Senate that would actually be a place from which we could even start negotiating," Whitmer said.

With just three months left to work out a deal-- The governor says they are running out of time.

"I am angry about this, I ran on fixing the roads, I ran on building bridges across the partisan aisle and getting things done. And we've made some strides, we've done quite a bit in short period of time, but the real work of the getting the budget done is the most important work we have to do and they're not even in town," Whitmer said.