Grand Blanc Academy principal inspires students with rap performance

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 7:34 AM EST
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(2/13/20) - She did a quick Amazon search of "rap star jackets" and took center stage!

Grand Blanc Academy principal Patty Wood recently made a deal with some of her middle school students. She said if at least 20 of them made the honor roll, she would put on a rap performance.

Part of her lyrics included, "Now you may be thinkin', Ms. Wood, she can't rap! Just sit right back and listen...OH SNAP! All A's and B's, yeah, that was the deal. So here I am, just keepin' it real. Givin' your best is what we preach at GBA, not just when you want, but tryin' every day!"

Wood says education can be fun and it's all about inspiring students to be their best everyday.

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