Grand Blanc City Police Department mourning the loss of Officer Tammy Bice

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) - (11/30/2017) - As the Grand Blanc City Police Department deals with her sudden death, the chief said it's important to remember the good Officer Tammy Bice did for her community.

About a year ago, Bice introduced the department to a young girl fighting cancer. She helped coordinate a fundraiser for her and she made sure that outreach continued this year.

Earlier in November, she helped orchestrate a special day for 10-year-old Jonny, who's been battling leukemia. He became an officer with their department for the day.

It's the second year the Department supported a local child fighting cancer.

Bice started the tradition last December, encouraging her fellow officers to participate in "No Shave December" for Ariana.

"You could see that it brought joy to her and her family that we were able to do that. And that was all thanks to Tammy," Grand Blanc City Police Chief Brian Lipe said.

Bice joined his department in June 2015. Lipe said she truly left her mark in her short two and a half years on the force.

"She was very serious about the job, was a great employee, exceeded every expectation we ever had with any of our officers," he said. "And, she was an even better human being off the job. So it was just an honor to have known her and worked with her."

Lipe added her personality was unmatched.

"She was a joy to be around. She was smart," he said. "Funny thing about her, she was witty and quick with comebacks and always in a good mood. But, if you teased her at all, she was quick to come back with a quick remark and give you a zinger."

It's clear the department is shaken up over the news of her passing. To honor her, Lipe said they plan to continue to sponsor at least one child battling a serious illness every year.

"I don't see that ending anytime soon," he said. "We'll miss her, you know, hard to replace somebody like that."

Bice was also very active in Pets in Peril, a local animal rescue group. Lipe said she'd often bring in dogs she found while out on patrol and try to make her officers become a foster parent.

Bice died early Wednesday morning in Genesee Township. Investigators say it appears she took her own life and no foul play was involved.

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