Grand Blanc Township firefighters welcome new ladder truck to their fleet

The Grand Blanc Township Fire Department received Truck 10, which features a 75-foot ladder, this week.
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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (2/21/2020) - The Grand Blanc Township Fire Department now has a brand new truck to help firefighters tackle the fire scenes with some new high-tech features.

It's all centered on increasing the safety of firefighters and boosting their ability to knock down the flames quickly.

Truck 10 has a 75-foot ladder, 365-degree vision around the truck and even a "lazy susan" inside making gear easier to access. The truck also includes a snap-in feature that essentially locks firefighters and their air bottles to the seat while en route to a fire.

Grand Blanc Township Fire Chief Bob Burdette thanked residents for approving a millage in 2018, which provided funding for the $840,000 truck.

"This is a single-axle ladder truck that we're going to be using for residential fires," he said. "It allows us to gain access to the roof a lot easier than a regular ground ladder."

The fire department expects this new truck to be used for at least 20 years.