Grand Blanc Township police cracking down on people driving through closed roadway

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (5/10/2018) - The sign says closed, but Grand Blanc Township police officers say several drivers don't think it applies to them.

That's why the officers are going to start taking action against motorists caught driving through a construction zone on Fenton Road between Grand Blanc and Mundy townships.

"It seems to be an issue with every construction zone," said officer Tim Bueche. "I think people just get into a habit and routine."

But driving through a construction zone, like the one along Fenton Road between Grand Blanc and Cook roads, is illegal for drivers and dangerous for workers.

"Its a safety thing for the workers. They're out there doing their job, expanding the roadway, and they need to worry about what's going on and not all the traffic out there," Bueche said.

He said anyone who doesn't live along the stretch of roadway under construction cannot drive on it. Even then, residents need to enter the construction zone from the end closest to their house.

"Most of the people we pull over through there say either they didn't know it applied to them or a lot of the answers we get are they live south of there," Bueche said. "That doesn't work. If you don't live between Cook and Grand Blanc roads you have to find an alternate route."

Officers will continue extra patrols in the area until the project is complete. For now, most traffic stops will result in warnings but if it continues they will start issuing tickets.

The project isn't slated for completion until late August. A detour route is posted.

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