Grand Blanc Township police prepare residents for new roundabout

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (07/03/2018) - The headache that the construction at the Belsay and Hill roads has caused is nearly over.

But before the new roundabout opens, Grand Blanc Township police want to educate drivers on how to navigate it.

"Here in Genesee County, this is the third one in the county so a lot of people aren't experienced in using them," said Grand Blanc Township Police Chief Ron Wiles.

Because of the inexperience, Grand Blanc Township police want to educate people on how to use a roundabout. They shared a photo on their Facebook page Monday morning showing tips on how to use them safely.

"The directions for use are very simple and I think once people get used to them, get their confidence up in some cases, we won't have any issues,” said Wiles.

He said, when approaching the roundabout, drivers must slow down and look to their left. If there is an opening in traffic, they can proceed into the roundabout. If not, they must wait for a gap.

When exiting the roundabout, be sure to use a turn signal.

The roundabout is designed to improve traffic flow by keeping motorists in motion at all times and enhance safety by creating a physical barrier.

"It reduced all head-on collisions, all angle collisions and left turn collisions,” Wiles said. “Those are where we see majority of our severe injury causing accidents. Those are reduced and eliminated."

The roundabout is expected to be open by July 30, but Wiles said it may open before that.

For the full breakdown on how to safely navigate a roundabout you can find it on Grand Blanc Township Police Department's Facebook page.

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