Grand Blanc Township girl battling cancer to open Beauty Bar for fellow patients

Published: Jan. 31, 2018 at 6:48 PM EST
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(1/31/2018) - McKenna Schummer has been fighting bone cancer for the last 19 months.

In that time, the 11-year-old started developing a passion for makeup, a positive distraction she now hopes will encourage the other patients at the hospital, too.

"She's like I'm kind of bored. I'm feeling good. I'm gonna play with makeup. And, she will spend a good 2 hours just playing with it," mom Melissa Schummer said.

She considers McKenna a pro.

"She watches all those YouTube videos, she does the nurses' makeup at the hospital," Melissa Schummer said.

She said the rouge and fake eyelashes and fun lipstick colors are making a big difference.

"You can tell when she feels good now is when she does have her makeup on and done," Schummer said. "And I just feel that it's something that you can tell that she feels good on the inside, she definitely wants to feel good on the outside as well."

A happy kid despite the pain from treatment is a win for Schummer. She and McKenna want other kids to experience that joy.

So when a family friend donated to the hospital in her name, they came up with the McKennaSquad Beauty Bar

"It's gonna have two stations. There's gonna be stuff for the boys, as well as the girls. They get to go in there and whatever they use for their makeup they get to take with them," Schummer said. "If they're not feeling good, like I know a lot of us at the hospital aren't, the nurses can go into the beauty bar as well and grab a few things and take it to the room for them to use."

It'll be opened at the Detroit Children's Hospital this summer. So right now, they're asking for donations to stock the place and decorate it.

Identity Salon in Grand Blanc is holding a fundraiser this Friday night.

"We just wanted to help in some way, somehow. We love this family, the community loves this family," said Stylist Sarah Kirk. "The fight that she is putting up and still thinking of others and wanting to give, I mean she knows firsthand what those kids are going through, too and it's amazing."

If you can't make it Friday, there's also a drop-off site in Flushing at Lacquered Lane.

For more information about how you can donate, click on the 'Related Links' section of this story or check out the sidebar.

 #Mckennassquad Makeup Drive:

Location - 

Identity Salon

545 E. Grand Blanc Rd

Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Time - 

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m 

Donations Needed - 

  • new, unused makeup products
  • gift cards to Ulta or Sephora
  • decorations for the Beauty Bar 
  • items for the boys 
  • cash/check donations

*If you can't make it, drop off your donations to Lacquered Lane in Flushing, located at 115 North Cherry Street