More women come forward against hypnotherapist accused of sexually assaulting a patient

Published: May. 3, 2017 at 11:58 AM EDT
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UPDATE (05/08/27) - More patients have come forward saying they were violated by a Mid-Michigan hypnotherapist.

John Tomlinson was charged last week for allegedly sexually assaulting a 45-year-old woman in a semi-conscious state at his Grand Blanc Township office.

Since then, Grand Blanc Township Police Detective Todd Gilbert says more women have come forward with bizarre accusations against Tomlinson.

Investigators said 'numerous' women have made reports in the last few days. They would not give us a specific number.

Gilbert says it's too early yet to determine if the claims will lead to more charges.

Tomlinson is out on bond. He can still practice as his case moves through the courts.


(05/03/17) - A hypnotherapist now stands accused of sexually assaulting a patient.

John Tomlinson has been practicing hypnotherapy for 40 years, and it's at his own practice, in Grand Blanc, where he's accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was apparently hypnotized.

ABC12 News were the only ones in court Wednesday morning when Tomlinson was formally charged. He's accused of sexually assaulting a female patient while she was in a semi-conscious state.

It allegedly happened in his office on Holly Road, south of Saginaw, in Grand Blanc Township.

Investigators say when the alleged victim realized what was going on, Tomlinson muffled her screams and tried to keep her in his office.

"She screamed and jumped off the table. She basically stumbled out the door while screaming that she had been sexually assaulted," said Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

The 48-year-old woman, who uses a walker, was allegedly able to get away.

When other people in the waiting room heard the commotion, Tomlinson apparently took off. For that, he's facing assault and unlawful imprisonment charges.

Back in 2009, three woman made claims of sexual advances from Tomlinson. Two of the complaints didn't rise to criminal charges, but one did. That case was dismissed.

Tomlinson's attorney, Mike Manley, says he denies this ever happening.

“He is devastated by that. He has given his life to helping people,” Manley said.

Tomlinson was able to bond out Wednesday morning. At this point, he is still able to practice hypnotherapy.

Leyton says they have reason to believe there are more victims out there. He is urging them to come forward and call Grand Blanc Township Police at 810-424-2611.