Grand Blanc students aim to break stigma of women's periods

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Grand Blanc (WJRT) (1/9/2019) - The 'Period in Perspective' donation boxes were designed and built by students to be filled with feminine hygiene products.

"Pads, tampons, wipes, Midol is very highly in need, basically anything menstrual product related," said Grand Blanc High School senior Zoe Rogers.

She thought of the idea with the help of six of her Leadership classmates.

"I went to the women's march last January and there was a tent there for Helping Women Period. And, they're an organization that basically does this all the time," she explained.

Knowing it's not an isolated issue, Rogers wanted to help her own neighbors.

"It's very expensive," she explained. "So, when you're trying to afford food and different necessities for your family, that might be a thing that you just can't afford this month."

But Rogers said period products shouldn't be optional. So, she and her classmates got three area businesses, owned by women, to agree to house the boxes and collect donations. Plus, they set up a Go Fund Me page.

The over $900 they raised went to buying nearly 1500 products for the Traverse Place in Flint, a shelter for children, teens and families.

"If you go out into the world, only knowing school smarts, there's not much that you're going to be able to do," senior Jeremy Johnson said. "But, really knowing how to make a difference, what society needs from you and what you can give to it, I think that's the big thing."

Johnson said, as a male, he certainly gained some perspective over the last semester.

"It was nice seeing the other side and seeing that, you know, even as someone who may not experience the same things girls do, I can still help and I can still make a difference there," he explained.

Breaking down the stigma one person at a time.

"We can't control it. It's something that we shouldn't be ashamed of, it's just a regular thing that happens and there should be things to help us with it," Rogers said.

The group also presented at a school board meeting last month, asking them to supply menstrual products in the high school at no cost to the female students. They have not yet made a decision on that proposal.

The donation boxes can be found at Leslee's Salon, Salon McKenzie and Star Rehab.

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