Grand Funk Railroad heads close to home this weekend

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DETROIT (WJRT) - (07/28/2016) - "We've been goin' since January," Grand Funk Railroad drummer Don Brewer says. "We're up to 43 shows this year, this is probably the most shows we've done in the past 20 years."
But that's not to say Don Brewer is being overworked. The Flint native is busier than usual with Grand Funk this year, but for the past decade he's been splitting time with his band and drumming for Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band, which is taking this year off. And Brewer says he's enjoying the free time.
"I love it, you don't have to just get on a tour bus and go, go, go. It's mostly weekends and stuff, we're not on the road constantly. You can break it up and it leaves a lot of time for family. I just had my daughter and my grandkids up, we've got a place in North Carolina and we spent a week with them. So it's nice."
This week Don gets back to work, and is headed back close to home at Rockin' The Riverfront in downtown Detroit behind the Renaissance Center Friday.
"I think this is our 4th or 5th time at that venue, and it's a great venue. Nice stage setup right there along the river. It's incredible."
Another aspect that makes this show special is, it's free! And Brewer says shows like that always bring out a fun crowd.
"It really kinda opens it up for all kinds of people to come see the show. So a lot of people that wouldn't normally come and see a Grand Funk show, they come down and see it and it blows them away hopefully."
While Don lives in southern Florida now, the Swartz Creek grad says he has been following his hometown's water crisis closely through news reports and talking with family and friends who still live in the Flint area.
"It's amazing that in this day and age something like that can slip through and people can just try to cover it up."

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