Grand Traverse Street in Burton closing for four days to finish project

BURTON (WJRT) (11/03/2017) - For four full days, Grand Traverse Street in Burton will completely close to finish an ongoing project.

"We have to pull this Band-aid off and get it done," said Bob Slattery, the director of public works for the City of Burton.

That's the plan for South Grand Traverse Street next week.

"We've got barrels on the left side moving to the right and the right side moving to the left," Slattery said. "It's chaotic and kind of a maze."

But with the goal to finish the infrastructure project and water main updates, the city of Burton decided to close the roadway and get the project done as fast as possible.

"We're going to close from Hemphill to Bristol," Slattery said. "We will have a detour set up, which will take people down Hemphill to Fenton Road, Fenton to Bristol and Bristol back on their way."

Despite Grand Traverse Street being completely closed, Monday through Thursday, businesses along the roadway say it's well worth the trouble.

"I think it's a great decision, because it will be finished and people won't have that confusion," said Robert Gorney, a librarian at the Baker Park branch along Grand Traverse Street. "Everything will be done, and they've done a really good job on the other side. I think in comparison it should be fantastic."

According to Slattery, the city of Burton has been in contact with all the businesses along that section of roadway to ensure they have another entrance other than Grand Traverse allowing them to remain open during the nearly week long closure.

The roadway is expected to reopen clear of barrels Thursday evening.

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