Greta Van Fleet remains humble after 4 Grammy nominations

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FRANKENMUTH (WJRT) - (12/7/18) - Frankenmuth is known worldwide for it's German heritage and of course Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.

But the town's reputation in the music industry is growing fast, thanks to four young men who make up the band Greta Van Fleet.

They are taking the music world by storm, racking up four Grammy nominations announced Friday morning.

However, this young and talented group is just scratching the surface of their potential and shining a light -- not just on their talent, but on their Mid-Michigan roots.

With their hard rock-inspired sound that seems to come straight out of the late 1960s or 1970s, Josh, Jake, Sam and Danny have quickly moved from playing small clubs and fairs to sold out stadiums.

"All of those four gentlemen had immense talent as they came through our schools," said Eric Clauder, band director for Frankenmuth schools. "It was really noticeable, a lot of improvisational skills, just natural talent. You could hand any of these guys an instrument and they would be able to pick it up really, really quick."

In just six short years, this hard rock band has forged a path into a genre of music that has been absent in recent decades, surprising even family members.

"You never believe that they can get this far, and then with something like their album dropping and then in a blink of an eye, they're on billboards," said Josie Wagner, who is drummer Danny Wagner's sister.
"And, it's crazy to think that they came from such a small town and ... we're so proud, so unbelievably proud."

Even with their fast rise to stardom, those who know them say their feet are firmly planted in the ground.

"Humility is probably their first and foremost most noticeable trait. Every interview they give, every time they're in front of an audience, you can tell how much it means to them to even be on stage," Clauder said.

Infused with immense talent, some had a premonition of great things to come.

"I've known Daniel -- now they call him "Danny" -- since he was little. He used to go and play outside in the creek and catch frogs with my kids. And I always used to tease his mom that I was going to save that picture for when he was famous one day, and here we are," said Wendy Yagiela, a List Elementary secretary.

Greta Van Fleet posted on their Twitter feed how humbled they are to be nominated and the outpouring of love and support. They plan to donate a portion of their proceeds from December's concerts to the CHM Foundation on behalf of the Peaceful Army.

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