Growing need for more security as marijuana dispensaries increase

 Security measures for marijuana dispensaries and businesses in Michigan need a lot more than just a few surveillance cameras.
Security measures for marijuana dispensaries and businesses in Michigan need a lot more than just a few surveillance cameras. (WJRT)
Published: Jul. 16, 2019 at 5:23 PM EDT
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(07/17/19)- It's one of the fastest growing industries in Michigan--- one that has the potential to make a lot green.

"Dispensaries are like the new banks now. A lot of cash on hand and they are just targets," said Safeguard Security Solutions Systems Integration Specialist, Carlos Davila.

According to the state's Licensing and Regulatory Affairs division- LARA---- nearly 70 medical marijuana businesses were licensed to operate in the state of Michigan as of last November.

A number to likely to grow following the passing of Proposal One that same month.

Proposal One legalizes the use and sale of recreational marijuana in the state.

"Every month, more and more dispensaries and grows are getting approved through the state, as they get approved, they are opening and requiring more and more security," said Security Solutions Systems President, Ryan Triemstra.

Ryan Triemstra is the owner and president of Safeguard Security Solutions, based out of Troy.

Triemstra, along with partner Carlos Davila-- the systems Integration Specialist for the company, have been installing security systems since 2011.

"Residential homes, liquor stores, gas stations, any type of business," Triemstra said.

And then with the addition of dispensaries--- a seed was planted in the minds of the longtime friends-- about expanding their business into safeguarding these unique businesses.

"A lot of security companies wouldn't touch back when it was new budding business-- "The unknown or legalities of it, but we embraced it," Davila said

Triemstra says dispensaries need more than just your run of the mill security system.

"Dispensaries have a lot of cash and product and we are happy to protect it for them," Triemstra said.

That means making they are using some of the newest and most advanced technology available.

"We offer a wide variety range of security products. From intrusions alarm systems video surveillance, but specifically this building here, we have our highest level of security, video analytics,"

Davila said, "It has the monitors, it has the cameras, but what it does, we can basically map, using a computer.Map the parking lot, map areas that are of concern."

It's not hard to spot one of these heavily secured buildings.

Everywhere you turn, you are being watched.

"As soon as that line is crossed by a potential intruder, it sends an alert to all the owners, but most importantly it sends it to our monitory station where we have live analysts that look at it, we have a list of protocols on how to react to those breaches," Davila said.

They say the goal is to create a facility criminals will avoid.

"Security is about layers, it's about layers of protection and most importantly-- making sure it works," Davila said.

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