Hamady Complete Food Center closure means end of Beverly's Place restaurant

FLINT (WJRT) (11/02/2018) - Hamady Complete Food Center will officially close at 9 p.m. Tuesday night.

The store on Flint's north side has only been open for about three months.

Owner Jim McColgan Jr. said the closure is a result less than expected community involvement with the store, leading to a failure to meet financial projections.

It's not just the grocery store that's affected. Beverly's Place Restaurant, which opened inside the store about a month ago, is closing because the owner said she doesn't have anywhere else to go.

"I'm angry because she worked so hard to get back to where she was at," said Inella Biggs-Keyes, who is the owner's daughter.

Beverly's Place was originally on Dort Highway, but moved due to the water crisis.

"We had customers that were regular and the business was going great, but when the water came in, people didn't trust the water," Biggs-Keyes said.

They moved into Hamady Complete Food Center on Oct. 5. However, the family just learned the store is closing.

"We're thinking we here for a year," Biggs-Keyes said. "We got people that's coming in, 'Oh we're so happy you guys are back open' and now we're closing. We don't have an explanation of why we're closing."

The family spent their afternoon packing a U-Haul truck with boxes, kitchen supplies and any perishable foods. This was their last day to get everything out of the building.

"We're back to square one," Biggs-Keyes said.

Not only is the owner and her family hurting from the shut down, but employees as well.

"Eighteen people we had to call today and tell them don't come in Wednesday because we're closing and they're like when are we coming back and we're like we don't know," Biggs-Keyes said.

An employee of the grocery said she didn't expect it close at all, especially since the store just opened in July.

"It was a nice store, the prices were comparable, I just don't know what happened," Debra Nard said.

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