Harsh winter weather a cause for concern for pets

FLINT (WJRT) (11/16/18) - Straw, dog houses and food are all items that can be in short supply for the folks with Pets in Peril this time of year, as they try to make sure Flint's animals survive the winter.

"We went out yesterday. When we knew it was coming and put a lot of straw, the No. 1 thing. Make sure there is dog houses -- wet food, water. That's all we can do until it settles down again. Then we will go out again," said Edith Campbell of Pets in Peril.

She hits the streets at least a few times a week looking for animals that need protection from the elements. Sadly, Campbell said there are plenty to find.

"Most of the dogs that we deal with, are outside, that's a reality. On a chain and outside," Campbell said.

Dogs like Polo.

"He was one of these outreach dogs, we tried to get for a long time, and finally we got him off the chain," Campbell said.

Polo is one of the lucky ones, now living in a warm, safe environment inside. Campbell said a situation can become dire quickly.

"We know it gets close to zero and that's just horrendous. But anything below freezing, right now, the teens, it's really dangerous and most of the dogs do not have fur, so right now it's probably the optimum degrees that you should do it and below that, bring them inside," Campbell said.

But for some, that's simply not possible. Campbell said there are options.

"There are outreach groups like ours that will help and some vet care. But if not, then do the right thing and take it to a shelter," Campbell said.

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