Health department urges no contact with Flint River as city dumps sewage

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FLINT (WJRT) (2/20/2018) - The Genesee County Health Department is urging the public to avoid contact with the Flint River due to an ongoing sewage release from the city of Flint.

The Flint Wastewater Treatment Plant began dumping a mixture of stormwater and sewage into the river near the Mill Street bridge on Tuesday, as heavy rainfall overwhelmed the system.

Flint's Wastewater Treatment Plant Retention and Treatment Basin discharges into the Flint River whenever the incoming flow exceeds its capacity.

The sewage mixture puts levels of harmful bacteria into the waterway, so everyone is urged to avoid contact until the notice is lifted. The notice is for the Flint River west of Mill Street through Flint Township and Flushing.

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