Hearing details gambling case against former Flint police chief, 2 others

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FLINT (WJRT) (6/25/2019) - An undercover Regulation Officer with the Michigan Gaming Control Board shared multiple video recordings in court Tuesday.

Footage captured from at least 11 visits to what was called the West Point Arcade.

It was located off Linden and Corunna Roads in Flint Township. The business has since been shut down. It's now home to Evelyn's Arcade.

"There's computer stations and there's also tables with computers on them in the center of the room. There's also an office in the rear of the room," the Officer told the Judge.

She spoke to each visit between April and December 2017, explaining she'd give money to the arcade owners -- either former Flint police Chief Brad Barksdale or to Adam or Alvin Crossnoe.

Then, she'd sit down to play. Her winnings came in the form of a gift card.

She told the judge it was clear they were operating illegal gambling.

"There was no way that I could predict what the game was, how it was going to play, there was no skill involved," she said.

The defense attorneys repeatedly objected to both evidence and statements made by the one witness.

But each time, the Judge allowed Assistant Attorney General Robyn Liddell to move forward.

The AG's Office is working to prove the felony charges of gambling operations and using a computer to commit a crime.
Barksdale is also facing a weapons charge.

Six more witnesses were expected to take the stand Tuesday, but the preliminary exam was not completed.

"I think we're creating this, at this point, a conflict regarding Adam and Alvin Crossnoe," attorney Fred Meiers said, interrupting Liddell.

Meiers started Tuesday representing both Adam and his dad Alvin Crossnoe; but as the undercover officer began to share her interview with Adam, he spoke up.

"I think one or the other is gonna have to move forward with another attorney or court appointed attorney," he said.

Liddell responded, "All I can say is this - is at the outset of this case, I did bring that to Mr. Meiers attention. He indicated at that time, when we first started this case that he didn't believe there was a potential conflict."

Liddell added the case was moved from an April date for this very reason. She said they had decided Adam would hire a different attorney.

Instead, the Judge was forced to adjourn the case to July. At that hearing, they'll decide on a new date when the one witness will finish and the six others will take the stand.

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