Heat forces half day for Flint Schools Tuesday

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/26/17) - "It's hot," Mom Patricia Willbanks laughed. "It's very hot. It's unbelievable!"

Temperatures hit close to 90 degrees Tuesday, for the 6th day in a row during the final days of September.

"I'm like normally we're not in shorts for school. It was like it got cold, I packed all their uniform shorts away and I'm like oh I gotta go dig 'em out it's 90 degrees!" Willbanks said.

With only fans located throughout Eisenhower Elementary to keep the students cool, Willbanks is happy school was cut short.

"The first day that it was almost 90-something. He got over-heated and got sick and ended up coming home," she said about her 1st grader. "It's hot in there. I'm in there usually just about every day. I'm one of their parent volunteers."

So the schedule change didn't mess up her Tuesday plans.

"It wasn't no big deal when I pulled up and oh it's a half day I just can't go home and take a nap!" she laughed.

But for Dad William Allen, the half day forced him to take the day off from work.

"I mean it kind of puts a cramp in everybody's schedule I guess," he said.

Allen wasn't too upset about an afternoon with his kids though.

"I guess it's a free day for me," Allen said. "It's kind of shocking, but it's Michigan whoever knows - if it's not cold, it's hot."

Wednesday should be much cooler. So we are not expecting any impact to the school day for the rest of this week.

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