Air conditioning repair business heats up as temps soar

DAVISON (WJRT) (07/02/19) - Monday was the hottest day of the year so far with the heat index reaching 90 plus in many parts of Mid-Michigan.

Air conditioners are running often, trying to keep up with the summer heat that reached 90 degrees in Flint on Monday. That means business is booming for repair workers.

"Now that the weather broke, we are swamped," said Davison Heating and Cooling General Manager Matt Urch.

He said business has started to heat up over the past week or so.

"We are currently booked until Friday or Monday," Urch said. "We are taking as many calls as we can, trying to get to as many people as possible, but we are little overwhelmed and I'm assuming all the other companies are as well because it went right from cold to hot."

He advises homeowners to check their air conditioning before the weather gets hot and the equipment gets put to the test.

"We did have a few customers that were thoughtful enough to think ahead and start getting tuneups done on the equipment before the hot weather hit," Urch said.

Some customers are missing basic items, like turning on the circuit breaker to their air conditioner and switching the thermostat from winter heating to summer cooling.

"Make sure the circuit breaker is in the on position. Make sure the fuses aren't tripped and also make sure your thermostat is set to cooling," Urch said. "Some people forget to change it from heating to cooling."

He also advises customers make sure their units are free of debris.

"An air conditioner is designed to pick up heat in the house and get rid of it outside," Urch said. "If either one of those surfaces is covered with pet hair, cottonwood fuzz, grass clippings or something like that, that heat transfer can't occur, so it becomes very inefficient and it could effect it so much it won't work at all."

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