Heavy rains create problems on roads in Shiawassee County

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (06/11/19) -- Here today. Gone tomorrow. Some roads in Shiawassee County are literally underwater. And for others, the water is to blame for causing damage to some of the roads.

On Bennington Road between Baldwin Road and Shaftsburg Road, a culvert gave out, forcing the Shiawassee County Road Commission to close the road Monday.

"We had a void underneath the road, underneath the asphalt and our road foreman happened to notice it, he was going through the area and here the roads all washed out, well then it took a little while and then finally the asphalt caved down," said Shiawassee County Road Commission Managing Director Brent Friess.

Friess says only western parts of the county got hammered with the rain.

"I live on the east side of the county. I received just a little over two inches just south of town here and west of M-52, they received upwards of 4 inches of rain," he said.

Friess says one other culvert gave out on Friegel Road while crews had to close other roads because of high water. Nonetheless, he says the county is budgeted for when issues like these pop up. But it all comes down to one thing.

"We can make all the preparations and repairs, mother nature is still in control."

The Shiawasee County Road Commission is asking for everybody's patience over the next few days as a lot of the roads are still being assessed.

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