Hell has frozen over

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HELL (WJRT) (12/28) - It's a cold day in Hell.

The town has seen several days of freezing temperatures.

Despite the cold temperatures, tourists are still stopping in the quaint town. Business owners say even though it's chiller than usual this is the time of year tourists often travel on through.

A few families came to see Hell from the South. One family flew to Mid-Michigan from Mexico to see relatives.

Robert Levachery came from Texas to Michigan for the holidays. His visit to Hell was punctuated by his one-day term as honorary mayor on Thursday.

He and his family received a tour of his new city. Levachery was surprised to see his town was frozen over but was more disappointed that he won't be known as the mayor of the coldest day in Hell.

“So, this year I was blessed as being mayor of Hell for a day for a Christmas present...I just thought it would be another great thing to add to my resume especially after I've been impeached. Then I will be the disgraced former mayor of Hell,” Levachery said.

Anyone can be mayor of Hell if they're willing to pay a $100 fee.

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