Hemlock grocery store remains closed, owner plans town hall next week

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HEMLOCK (WJRT) (11/7/2019) - The businessman behind the former Hamady Complete Food Center on Flint's north side is still working to open another grocery store in Hemlock.

Jim's Market, which is planned for the former Ric's Food Center in Hemlock, still hasn't opened months after owner Jim McColgan unveiled plans.

But several months after plans were unveiled, the doors remain locked. Owner Jim McColgan has an explanation, but some locals say they're still skeptical.

McColgan announced plans to reopen the old Ric's Food Center in Hemlock as Jim's Market last April. Ric's closed in December. New Jim's Market signs are up, but the store is still not open.

"It was tough, we really needed something like that in this community," said Steve Zolinski.

A small town loses part of its fabric when the local grocery store closes.

"We get up do the Sunday morning breakfasts and sometimes I have to run all he way to Meijer. I'd much rather go a mile from my house," said Eric Havens, who lives in Hemlock.

McColgan was going to change that, saying he had investors lined up to re-open the store.

Last year, with much hoopla, McColgan opened up the Hamady Complete Food Center in the former Kroger on Pierson Road in Flint, but it closed four months later.

He was hoping to reopen the Hemlock store in June or July, but McColgan said a malfunctioning refrigeration system has prevented the opening.

McColgan took to the Richland Township Facebook page seeking an investor to help with the costly repair. He said a family member is his new investor and plans to come to Hemlock next week to hold a town hall to explain what has happened.

Havens and Zolinski, who own Hemlock Auto Sales near the store, wonder if it will ever open.

"We have high doubts right now. We don't think its going to happen," Zolinski said.

"We are all pretty skeptical now, but we are all hoping. It looks like they have done some stuff inside. Maybe if Jim doesn't come through and open it, someone will come and take over where he stopped," Havens said.

Richland Township Manager Annamarie Reno is happy that McColgan said he has an investor, but she will be really happy when the store opens.