High speed fiber optic is being installed in Owosso

Published: Oct. 12, 2017 at 6:03 PM EDT
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(10/12/17) - How would you like extremely fast internet service in your home? Many of the people in Owosso do. DayStarr Communications is installing a fiber optic cable system that is ten times faster than what cable companies offer.

All over Owosso some of the highest speed internet cable is being installed.

"At this point we're a little over a third complete with the city of Owosso, mostly in the north half," said Collin Rose, DayStarr Communications founder.

Owosso is in the process of becoming a one gig city, which means the internet speed in those homes using the Daystarr fiber optic cable is 50 times faster than what the average Michigan home has.

"The type of people that move to a community because fiber services are available has a big impact on the economy," Rose said.

Rose doesn't believe having such high speed internet available will necessarily attract more businesses but they could locate here because that's where the talent they're seeking live.

"They may say Owosso probably is attracting young tech talent and these are the types of employees we need," said Rose.

DayStarr hopes to install its cable throughout Owosso over the next three years and then into other areas of Shiawassee County. 17 people work at DayStarr and about 600 homes are expected to be hooked into the fiber optic cable this year. The one gig service costs $100 a month.

"The people that do take it definitely enjoy that extra little snap when the webpage load," said Rose.

As internet demand increases, there could be even higher cable speeds in the future.