High water may have contributed to Fourth of July fracas at Caseville beach

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HURON COUNTY (WJRT) (7/10/2019) - Fourth of July at Caseville County Park Beach featured drug overdoses, problems with alcohol and fights.

Caseville County Park Beach

Some officials believe high water levels, which have cut the sandy beach area in half this year, may have played a role in creating the disturbance.

"With the high water, it comes up and took away almost half of the beach area," said Mike Power of the Huron County Road Commission, which oversees the county parks.

He believes the smaller beach packed with about 2,000 people on the holiday played a role in the disturbance, which included chaotic crowds, drug overdoses and fights.

"It was a hot weekend, and with half of the beach area, that pushed everyone together," Power said.

Phil Crown, who owns Baywatch on the Beach Grill, said the violence and substance abuse seemed to be isolated to one part of the beach. He said already high water levels got higher with a north wind.

"We watched the waves coming up on the shore," Crown said. "They actually ended up six feet in front of the building."

Brian Booth and his family were at the beach the day after the trouble, when the Huron County Sheriff's Office boosted patrols.

"There were quite a few sheriff's around and we were kind of concerned about that. We were like, what's going on?" he said.

Prima Gomez of Midland still brought her family to the beach despite the negative publicity.

"It shocks me to see what happened out here a few days ago," she said. "That wasn't going to stop me from coming."

Power worries that winds could bring more water onto the beach area. But with plenty of sunshine and heat on Wednesday, the problems of last week were a distant memory.

"The waves are not too bad," Booth said. "The dogs like to get out run in it. Kids like to get out in play in it. It's not anything that slows us down. Just like to get out and have fun."