Historic flood brings more mosquitoes to Midland County

Published: Jun. 18, 2020 at 5:44 PM EDT
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(06/18/2020) - Flooding in Midland County brought an annoying side effect: A significant increase in mosquito activity.

"We're getting 2,000 to 3,000 mosquitoes caught in one of those traps, which is an indication of just how bad mosquitoes are across the county," said Midland County Mosquito Control Director Carl Doud.

Those pesky little blood suckers have kept crews at Midland County Mosquito Control busy over the past month -- so much so that they have a new plan to try to get rid of them.

"We fortunately got the approval to carry out an operation that we've not really done this exact type of treatment before. It's an aerial spray for adults mosquitoes, unlike our spring treatment where we apply material standing water to kill them while they are still in the larva," Doud said

The increase in the number of mosquitoes lurking is due the recent historic flooding and dam breaches.

"This is similiar to our 2017 flood. Didn't include the dam breach, but we had a lot of mosquitoes that came out of type of event as well," Doud said

The volume of mosquitoes poses more than just irritation.

"Sometimes you can have secondary infections as a result of the abundance of bites and how your body responds to that. So it can become a public health issue," Doud said.

That is why the county is doing what they can reduce the risk.

"Been operating the last two evenings. Tonight will be the last evening for this first round of operations of a 120,000 acres. And then next week, provided the temperatures and the weather conditions are favorable, we'll begin the second round," Doud said.