GOOD KIDS: Holly High School students have new way to enjoy their high school memories

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FLINT (WJRT) - (05/08/17) - Jessica Lemond wants to enjoy every moment of her high school experience. She made a special request of the yearbook teacher.

"She came to me one day and had asked if we could make the yearbook accessible in an audio version," said Libby Held, yearbook teacher.

Jessica always wanted a yearbook, but in its printed form, she didn't find it to be a worthwhile investment.

"I was always very curious, but I never bought one because I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I didn't want to have a whole bunch of print that I couldn't read,” she said.

Jessica is blind. Being able to hear the yearbook would give her the same experience as her peers. After talking it over with the yearbook teacher and other students, the Yearbook Accessibility project was born - and it's pretty sophisticated.

Aubrey Moulton is one of the students working on the project.

“QR coding the yearbook with braille for the QR code that will take you to the page that will bring up the video of the yearbook and it will have all the photos from the yearbook with the reading of the yearbook in the background, so it will be accessible to the blind,” Aubrey said.

Jessica and a few other students did the readings for the yearbook pages.

"I think it was like 25 hours of me sitting in my room and talking into my phone," Jessica said.

It was a big project, but students are proud of their work and feel like they are breaking new ground.

"It still lets me create something new that no one's really done before. I feel we are pioneer, founders of it almost," Aubrey said.

It all started from one students' desire for inclusion.

"A yearbook is kind of a cool thing and everyone should have a way of being able to read their yearbook and have that same experience,” Jessica said.

“She is inspiring, nothing stops her and I think that's an important trait for any student to have and I'm just I'm so proud of her,” Held said.

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