Holly Road construction finishes, but ramp changes confuse drivers

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) The construction along Holly Road and ramps at the I-75 interchange is complete, but Grand Blanc Township police say the changes are confusing some drivers.

Instead of making a left turn off Holly Road onto the northbound I-75 entrance ramp, a new ramp has been added onto the right side of the road. So, making a left turn to the old ramp is now illegal.

But some drivers haven't adapted to the change immediately.

"We knew going in this would be a process, because for years it's always been that left hand turn is how you do it," said Grand Blanc Township Police Chief Ron Wile.

A sign has been posted over the intersection indicating that no left turns are allowed. Grand Blanc Township police are pulling over drivers who make the now illegal left turn, but they aren't writing tickets yet.

"For years it's been that. That left hand turn is how you do it," Wile said. "So there is an education component to this. We're not writing tickets out there. This is all about education to make sure people do it correctly and we don't have more accidents."

While residents say the ramps are nice in alleviating the congestion, some say the changes could take some getting used to.

"I think it's great. It's really relieved a lot of the traffic problems," said Aileen Storoschauk. "They did put out a sign there for two or three weeks to push us into the right lanes."

Police believe the congestion has already been improved, which was the goal of the MDOT funded project.

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