$3 million grant to pay for repairs to stretch of Holly Road that floods frequently

HOLLY TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (3/15/2018) - A troubled stretch of Holly Road is one of a few to received federal funding for improvements after it was deemed almost impassable during spring time.

"You see a lot of dips and sways and areas where its buckled, the potholes," said Holly Township Supervisor George Kullis.

That's the exact case for most of Holly Road, but a 4.5 mile stretch is about to see a revamp worth $3 million.

"If you look at Holly Township we've got lakes everywhere, so the water table is high," Kullis said. "When the water table is high and the road is low, that creates a problem every time the water is there."

Problems like standing water often occur after just a few hours of rain. Not just for a day or two, but for weeks on end sometimes.

With all of that water sitting on the roadway, that's where the erosion begins.

"There are some areas where it buckles in the middle. Cars can't even get over that without scraping the bottom," Kullis said. "You have everybody doing the slalom coming down the road to get around them."

The grant will pay for repairs to Holly Road between Grange Hall Road and the Genesee-Oakland county line. That also includes portions that are highly traveled due to Genesys Hospital.

"We got all the support we could to put behind it and we're just excited that it happened because it's a road that needs attention," Kullis said.

No start date for the project has been set, but Kullis said it will be finished by 2020.

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