Home Builders Association of Saginaw kicks off Spring Parade of Homes

The Home Builders Association of Saginaw is hosting its 60th annual Spring Parade of Homes this weekend.

SAGINAW (WJRT) (5/15/2019) - This week is the Home Builders Association of Saginaw 61st Annual Spring Parade of Homes.

Local builders said this is the best time to start the building process.

"Interest rates are still down and good time of the year to get started,” said Steve Zietz said, a builder and a member of the association.

The Spring Parade of Homes is a time when people can tour 20 brand new homes with the latest and greatest technology. Builders like Zietz are on site during the tours to answer all questions.

"Builders can showcase their talent, their work, their craftsmanship, folks can come in and ask builders questions,” said Michelle Revette, the executive officer of the Home Builders Association of Saginaw.

After the tour, if someone has a special design they would like for their new home, they can give a call to one of the builders in the parade.

"Usually they want to sit down, they have a plan or an idea, we can definitely work with them to create their dream home,” Zietz said.

If finances could be an obstacle, the association says it's still worth contacting members to talk about numbers.

"There are a lot of great associations that are out there. In particular, the National Association of Home Builders and Home Builders of Saginaw-- we advocate for housing affordability,” Revette said.

The Spring Parade of Homes continues from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.