Home Depot volunteers lend Saginaw County veteran a helping hand

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SAGINAW COUNTY, Michigan (WJRT) - (09/19/2017) - A nation wide blitz by Home Depot to perform service projects for veterans kicked off in Mid Michigan on Tuesday.

This is part of The Home Depot's annual "Celebration of Service" campaign. Today they partnered with the United Way of Saginaw County to transform the home of an 82-year old Korean War vet who is trying to care for his 85-year old wife at home.

With every coat of paint, every piece of debris removed, and every sidewalk stone returned, "Team Depot" is one step closer to making the home of 82-year old Charles Mott and his wife a little bit safer:

"We tore down three sheds, we're going to give him a brand new shed, trimming his trees, cleaning up his yard," explained vollunteer Judy Custer.

These aren't just cosmetic improvements...

"New bathroom safety," she explained, "you know bars, his wife has Alzhemiers' and he's trying to care of her, by doing this it allows him to stay here."

"I appreciate it," exclaimed Mott whose lived here for 62 years. He's grateful for the extra set of hands out here, helping him with tasks he's tried to tackle on his own.

"I did a lot it prior to this," he noted,"it's long past due."

This project is part of a months long campaign to improve the lives of U.S. military veterans and their families.

Mott is a Korean War vet who served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 years.

"I mean we're free because of these people," added Custer," and they need help, it's a great feeling for home Depot to give back to our Veterans!"

The 'Celebration of Service' Campaign ends on Veterans' Day, November 11th this year.

Judy Custer says the next project they'll tackle is installing a wheelchair ramp at the home of a veteran who's an amputee, so he can return to his home in Flint safely.

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