Home delivery of alcohol now legal in Michigan

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) - (04/05/17) - It is now legal for some retailers to deliver alcohol in Michigan - but not everyone is a fan of it, including Mike Canan, co-owner of Oliver T's in Grand Blanc.

"A lot of businesses - those brick and mortar stores, people aren't coming in because they're ordering things, so a lot of that impulse buying and buying other things is not happening and it's hurting a lot of retailers," he said.

Canan said many of his customers come in to not only buy alcohol, but other grocery items as well.

By allowing the customer to have their alcohol delivered, he says they miss out not only on the sale of other products, but that personal touch or feeling when someone walks into their neighborhood market.

On the plus side, for events like weddings, graduations or big parties, you can now have your alcohol delivered versus having to pick it up.

Businesses must have both a Specially Designated Merchant license and a Specially Designated Distributor license.

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