Homeowner whose street always floods prepared for the worst

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FLINT TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WJRT) - (02/19/2018) -Homeowner Wayne Soles has lived on Hogarth Avenue off of Graham Road since 1975.

"When it rains heavy, our street gets completely flooded," said Soles.

"What we have been told by the drain commission is the drains aren't big enough to handle all the water," he said.

Soles remembers the flood of June 2009 like it was yesterday, showing us a photo of his neighbor kayaking down the street.

A cloudburst dropped almost three and a half inches of rain in a short amount of time.

"We had probably a foot and a half of water up on my garage door and my basement flooded and we had to replace everything down there," he said.

That painful lesson taught Soles to be prepared for anything Mother Nature may send his way.

He said he's prepared for the expected rainfall this week.

"Make sure my sub pumps good and I have a backup down there," he said, "in case the other one burns up."

Soles says his biggest concern will be his road flooding out if we get the rain that's expected.

When it comes to flooded roads, Michigan State Police advise drivers to stay on main roads and to stay off closed or barricaded roads.

It is difficult to judge the depth of flood waters and only takes six inches of water to reach the bottom of most passenger cars.

Remember: Turn around, don't drown when encountering a flooded road.

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