Hot homecoming for Swartz Creek students on Friday

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SWARTZ CREEK, Michigan (WJRT) - (09/22/2017) - It was one hot homecoming for Swartz Creek High School where there were more students sweating before kickoff than after.

ABC12's Amy Hybels attended the parade and football game. She has the very latest from the home of the Dragons.

As luck would have it Mt. Clemens was late in arriving at the stadium so they actually had to push the start time of the game back a little, giving things a chance to cool off a little.

Friday night's action on the field was no match for the heat being generated off the field.

These Varsity Pom Squad Dads definitely landed the hottest job:

"It's about 200 degrees," noted David Hoffman, "and the old man is sweating."

With the heat index hitting 96 degrees, the Mascot is also in the running for hottest job at the stadium.

So how does a princess keep her cool, and her makeup in place on a night like this?

"It's actually melting off right now but I just keep blotting with a tissue every once in a while," explained Senior Princess Andrea Grunow.

The marching band was a sea of red faces along the one-mile parade route.

"What's your secret for trying to keep cool in these conditions," we asked Bass Drum player Neelie Hunt.
"Find as much shade as possible," she noted.

An idea that resonated with just about everyone --including school superintendent Ben Mainka.

"We've advised parents to make sure their kids are hydrated, if you've noticed we've asked the kids in the band to take off their dress tops off, it's way to0 hot with the heat index."

No arguments here. Just lots and lots of water.

We asked this Swartz Creek Grandpa if they should have shortened the parade route this year to which he replied:

"This is Michigan, it could be 100, it could be 50, you go with it."

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