Hot weather can threaten your pet’s safety

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) - (06/24/16) - With temperatures expected to reach into the 90s again this weekend, it's crucial to pay close attention to your furry friends.

“Dogs can easily become overheated. Even if it's just for 10 minutes, you are running in the store real quick. The temperature can rise very quickly in a car and dogs just cannot handle the temperature, even if you leave the windows cracked,” said Dr. Samantha Limbaugh, of West Flint Animal Hospital.

Limbaugh says that even on a day where temperatures are in the 70s, the temperature inside a car can rise to above 100 degrees within 10 or 20 minutes.

“Usually you're going to see panting, heavy breathing, sometimes they get a glazed look on their face like they're a little bit disoriented. Some dogs can even be lateral, lay on their side trying to struggle to breathe,” Limbaugh said. “First thing you want to do is try to slowly cool them down, maybe put a cold rag on them, call your veterinarian and take them in to get evaluated definitely, and then just offer cool water and things like that to let them cool down naturally."

Here are some other things the Humane Society says you might not know about your pet in the heat:

- Animals that pant can't cool themselves in high humidity, so it's not just about the temperature.

- Fans don't cool dogs the way they cool people.

- Dogs sweat through their feet, so putting air in their face doesn't help.

- It's good to cool your pet from the inside out. A great trick is to make peanut butter popsicles. Your dog will love them and they'll keep them cool at the same time.

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