How to survive a mass shooting: Saginaw expert provides advice

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (10/2/2017) - Walking into a concert venue, getting the first sights and sounds, can be exciting.

Henry Reyna offers advice for staying safe in large-scale venues.

But a Saginaw security expert says we should be thinking about safety before ever going inside a concert venue, church, athletic event or even a school. Henry Reyna was a police officer who now owns Secure Solution.

"It's a new world," he said. "You, your wife and your children need to have a conversation -- where are we at, where are secondary exits -- for emergencies, fires and now acts of violence."

Police and emergency responders are trained for disasters, like the one that happened overnight in Las Vegas. Reyna said everyone needs to be trained on what they should do if disaster strikes, like a mass shooting or a car attack.

"We need to teach civilians to do more than just run and hide," he said. "We need to teach them about when they go to a venue, are they in an open space? They need to hug the edges. They need to know where the secondary exits are at."

People should be looking for places to cover and conceal to get out of a potential mass shooter's sight or get something solid between them and a shooter.

"What is cover? Cover is something that is going to stop a bullet or stop a car," Reyna said. "Cover could be a large automobile. Cover could be a brick wall. Cover is solid."

Experts have recommended security changes after nearly ever high-profile mass shooting in the United States. Reyna believes hotels may install metal detectors or screen luggage people are bringing inside.

"This is the world we live in today," he said. "We have to have a planned response. We've got to look at cover, concealment, exits, secondary exits."

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