Human trafficking suspect wants to withdraw plea, claims attorney coerced him

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FLINT (WJRT) (9/9/2019) - They're accused of running a human trafficking ring in Genesee County, forcing at least 4 women into the sex trade, holding them hostage and keeping control over them with drugs and severe beatings.

Darryl Miller and his brother Chavez Miller are each facing two dozen felonies.

Last month, Darryl Miller took a plea deal.

"The deal that was worked out set the minimum sentence at 13 years," defense attorney Barry Wolf explained. "So, a significant departure downwards; but the prosecutor felt that it was a fair resolution, given the burden of having to bring the complaining witnesses to testify and felt that was a legitimate way of wrapping up the case."

Wolf said a number of factors have drawn out the 2016 case.

"I think that I'm the 3rd counsel in this case. So that caused a delay," he explained. "And, there was a tremendous amount of documents, a lot of information downloaded from electronic devices. So that was the primary result. And then, there was some scheduling issues, also."

Monday's hearing brought another significant delay. Wolf removed himself as Darryl's attorney.

Miller wrote a letter to both the judge and Wolf saying he wanted to withdraw his plea because he felt Wolf coerced him into taking it.

"He'll have to get a new attorney appointed, that attorney will have to file a motion asking the court to allow him to withdraw his plea and then the court will decide at that time," Wolf explained.

"The judge doesn't have to allow it," Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said. "In this particular case, we'll oppose it, if in fact a motion is made to withdraw the plea."

If the Judge allows the withdrawal, the case will likely go to trial.

But, Prosecutor David Leyton said the plea agreement is in the best interest of the community.

"If you have a trial, even if you win, there are multiple appeals that happen throughout the years' and in some cases, even state cases get reversed in the federal system. So pleas offer finality and closure and justice; and, that's what we like," Leyton said.

Court records show Chavez Miller also took a plea deal. He's expected to be sentenced later this month.

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