Owosso couple blaming city for sewage backup into home

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OWOSSO (WJRT) (06/11/19) -- An Owosso couple were up to their knees in raw sewage after their sewer drain backed up.

"I went down there. It wasn't bad at first. And then all of a sudden, the water was gushing in the air," said Robert Gage who has rented his home on South Street for several years.

He says his sewer drain backed up, but not from a fault of his own; he's pointing his finger at the city of Owosso.

"The city knew they had that problem, the overflow into the plant," he said.

Gage called the city several times and even went to city hall in person. What was he told? It was an act of God.

"Our hands are tied. The landlords tied. The city, all they want is money," Gage said.

Money that he doesn't have. Gage is on a fixed income, has some health problems and isn't able to properly clean up his basement.

"We pulled the carpet out of the basement, and I just couldn't walk no more. I tried to do what I could do."

Gage is now out a washer and dryer, hot water heater and a number of personal belongings -- adding up to around $2,000-$3,000.

We tried contacting the City of Owosso Public Works department for comment and have not heard back.

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