Humane Society suggests safer ways to drop off animals after cat left outside its door in plastic tote with rock on top

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MIDLAND, Michigan (WJRT) - (12/29/2017) - "They brought it all the way here, they obviously had good intentions, they wanted the cat to be safe, but a lot of people don't realize there are dangers in just doing that," said Diane Winkler, the volunteer and foster program coordinator at the Humane Society of Midland County.

Imagine her surprise,when Winkler arrived at work Friday morning to find this plastic tote, with a rock on top, left outside her door with a cat inside right next to a sign saying it's illegal to do so.

"When we opened it up we saw there was a lot of fecal matter in there, the kitty had quite a bit of fecal matter frozen on him."

There was also frost inside the tote. The older male cat however, was OK.

"The cat himself is in pretty good shape," Winkler said.

She has no idea how long the cat had been waiting outside her door.

While she believes whoever dropped the cat off was well-intentioned, the extreme cold is not condusive for leaving animals outside.

"We're dealing with sub zero temperatures this week," she said, "that is incredibly dangerous for an animal, even if they are used to being outdoors, when they don't have proper shelter."

Even a little bit of straw might have helped.

Winkler said the cat was probably an outdoor cat at some point, if not currently, because he has a thicker coat.

Winkler believes the cat may have been a stray.

After giving him a bath and some food, he's doing well.

She suggests people wanting to help out animals, call them first. If they're not open, call the police.

"You can call the police after hours," Winkler said, "they are able to bring animals to the shelter, they have keys to the building after hours."

We ran into this Midland officer who was dropping off a stray dog this afternoon.

During the day there is also an animal control officer who can bring animals in.

The cat, meanwhile, will be available for adoption in seven days.

The staff has aptly named him "Rockafeller."

The Midland Humane Society is open 12 to 7 weekdays, and 11-to-4 on Saturdays.

We have provided you with a link to the Humane Society of Midland County..

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