Hurley Medical Center deploys germ-killing robots with cleaning staff

Hurley Medical Center has two of these LightStrike robots to help cleaning staff kill viruses, bacteria and spores in patient rooms.
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FLINT (WJRT) (5/19/2020) - Hurley Medical Center is deploying robots to kill coronavirus around the hospital.

The hospital showed off two LightStrike robots on Tuesday that emit high intensity ultraviolet light, which has been shown to deactivate coronavirus. The robots will sanitize patient rooms along with the cleaning staff.

The Xenex LightStrike robots can eliminate the threat of viruses, bacteria and spores in a patient or procedure room in 15 minutes. Besides coronavirus, they also kill norovirus, influenza, MRSA and other germs.

Hurley's environmental services staff completes a seven-step cleaning process in each room before the robots enter.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased awareness of disease transmission and the importance of infection prevention, which is why we are grateful to have the LightStrike robots to help disinfect our facility,” said Ann Newell, infection prevention manager at Hurley.