Hurley offers heart screening for teens

FLINT (WJRT)- (11/10/18)- Hurley Medical Center offers free heart checks for teens.

It's a service they offer several times a year.

Saturday, the event took place this morning at Hahn Intermediate School in Davison.

They're screening for the most common cause of cardiac death in kids ages 13 to 19.

Hurley offers it for free because the screening is very expensive and not something your child would get during their routine physical.

If any red flags are detected, doctors on-site can further assist you.

"Learn how to use an AED, shocking somebody is not a normal thing, but many times its the only thing that will save someone's life. its very simple, people can go to their local police or fire dept. to find the resources to learn how to actually use the AED so that if there is one around, and somebody goes down, they can rapidly employ a counter shock, and many times that can be life saving. its good for bystanders to know how to do that," said Jim Webber ER Physician Hurley Medical Center.

Another benefit of the heart screening is that it can detect other issues that you may need to visit your doctor for.

More than 3-hundred and 50 kids showed up for the event.

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