Hurley staff member loses his life to coronavirus

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 2:42 PM EDT
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(4/20/20) - Staff at Hurley Medical Center are dealing with the death of a member of their family.

"Although large in stature, Wendell Quinn's heart was even bigger. His passing leaves a giant hole in the community.

This gentle giant of a man stood 7 foot 2 inches tall.

But what stood out most was his huge heart - and dedication to his community and church.

"He iniated a lot of our social events. We would go bowling, we would go out to eat, you know different things that a group of us would do. And he was always such a grand part of that," said Charity Billings, Hurley Customer Service.

Wendell Quinn worked at Hurley more 26 years as a security guard.

He lost his life, not in the line of duty, but to coronavirus.

"Each one of us had a different relationship with him. But, it all revolved around his kindness, and his patience, and his willingness to help, not only the community, but help his fellow brothers in blue," commented Matt Murray, Hurley Chief of Public Safety.

However, Quinn was best known for his kindness and compassion for others.

"CMN Bowl-a-thon was probably his favorite foundation event. He was an active recruiter. I remember him bringing people to my office saying I want to sign them up for bowl-a-thon," added Jordan Brown, Hurley Director of Volunteer Services.

"Wendell was an extraordinary person. I've known him for about 13 years working in EMS and working here at Hurley Medical Center. He was always a welcome face whenever you were in trouble, whenever you needed assistance," said William Barnum / Hurley Emergency Registered Nurse.


(Quinn was scheduled to retire in June.

Even though he's gone now, his spirit will live on in the memories of his friends and family.