Hurley Medical Center to give extra help to those injured by crime

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/27/17) - Hurley Medical Center is launching a new program to help people who have been injured by crime.

Mental health counselors will be available in the Trauma Recovery Center, which assists injured crime victims heal physically and mentally. This is the first such center in the state.

"We're really good at taking care of the injuries, sticking up stitching up the lacerations, doing what we do medically. Once we're done with that the patient's kind of turned free," said Dr. Michael Jaggi, Hurley Medical Center's chief medical officer.

But studies have shown that many of those who have been injured as a result of crime -- such as a shooting or stabbing -- can suffer mentally.

"Sometimes it's depression. It could be sleeplessness. It could be fear that this crime is going to happen again," said Lenore Anderson, Alliance for Safety and Justice president.

Details of the Trauma Recovery Center were announced at a morning press conference at Hurley. Michigan will be just the third state in the nation to launch such a center.

"There's a lot of emotional support patients of trauma, victims of crime need. This is a good example of a program that will fill in that void," Jaggi said.

When fully implemented, Hurley's Trauma Recovery Center will follow and care for victims throughout their hospital stay and after they're discharged to continue providing counseling. Jaggi said he's proud Hurley is taking the lead with the new program.

"This is what Hurley's all about actually," he said. "We're here to take care of the underserved and the folks in the community that need help."

The Trauma Recovery Center has received a grant of nearly $370,000 from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to operate the service.

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